Friday, November 13, 2015

Success Story

Many of you who have been following/lurking/or outwardly commenting on my blog since its inception know about a fellow blogger friend who went by the name Soul Seared Dreamer (SSD). Well, we've stayed tight friends through the years, 9 years now I think. I recently received a text from him about his newest relationship, and things associated with the success of integrating into the lifestyle he has now (he came to terms with coming out as a gay man in 2007/08). I couldn't have been happier for him.

It just so happens that it was a perfect story to share on's blog! So please follow this link and read about how just when you feel like coming out will never be accepted, like you will never be allowed to live the life you want, it can happen!

Remember, if you have a story to share, you can email theISMproject or leave your story as an anonymous one in the comments of any blog post, where we will fetch it and post it for everyone to learn from.

Thank you!
Jules :Oawareness)


The Grunt said...

Good for SSD!

Jules said...

I know!!! YAY!