Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Little sentiment, huge meaning...

Out of nowhere this afternoon, I received this photo from Thor:

That meant that at some point, he saw those little sweets, and they made him think about his love for me, and that made him take the steps to set up the photo, take the pic, and send it to me.  He took time out of his busy/stressful work day to do all of that. There's something really lovely about knowing that I was the person most forefront in his brain just then, amidst his difficult day.  The thing is, we're together for 5.5 years now, and we still show each other how valued we are.... and that's SO important in all relationships. So people, remember to show your love, it makes a world of difference! 

I love you too, Thor. 
Jules :O*

This photo is copyright to Thor. You may not use it. 


don said...

I love you too honey bee!

Jules said...

You're such a sweet heart! :O*