Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blink Blink, Click Clack...

So I'm driving down the road, I've JUST gotten through the intersection, there are cars behind me, I'm FAR from the actual turn I need to make, and my brain tells my hand to engage the right signal light. "WTF? It's too soon for that, brain!" I think to myself.

So I have two options:
1) Turn off the signal light so I don't look like an idiot who signals WAY too early, or
2) Just leave it going and make it look like I meant to do that, knowing it's probably still going to make me look like an idiot.

Blink-Blink. Blink-Blink... my brain decides to leave it on. And then it takes what seems like an absolute eternity to reach the right hand turn up ahead.. all the while I'm convinced that I appear to be either a brand new driver, someone who's lost their wits about them, or just an idiot.  I'm not worried that they'll run into me, at least... I've been giving them plenty of time to understand that I'm turning. I'm a dumbass. I should have instantly clicked it off. Now I have to live with the fact that a complete stranger might think I'm a moron. Because that matters, right?

There's that scenario, which is a true story from earlier today, and then there's the one where the signal light gets left on even after the turn. This one, I can't understand. How can people leave it on by mistake? It clicks... CLICK-CLACK. CLICK-CLACK. I can hear that sound over top of my radio, and I can see the indicator light as it happens.. so to me, there's something really annoying about left on signal lights while I'm driving, and I'd imagine that it's the same with everyone else. But yet, I see it happen all the time. It makes me want to hold up a sign that says "You already turned/changed lanes, are you planning to turn now, again, into the ditch?" It makes me want to shout "Don't leave your signal on.. the blinking light is distracting!" Hey... do you think I could use that as an excuse if I ever got pulled over? "Ohhhh, sorry Officer... I was distracted and going into seizure because of the incessant flashing signal light on the car in front of me..." He doesn't need to know I'm not cursed with epilepsy, right?

I guess that's a pet peeve of mine. But then... I fell into the signal trap today too and just left it on.

Jules :Oj

Friday, February 19, 2016

Doing this parenting thing right...

Last night Thanan and I got talking about later on when he's older and how typically kids move away from home. I told him that maybe I'd move away and he could just rent my house from me, with a room mate or something. At first, he thought that was a great idea, because he'd have "more time to say goodbye to this house." But then he got a sad-ish look on his face and he told me that he'd just want to move to wherever I move to, because he'd always want to be with me. Then I told him that as we turn into adults, we tend to want our freedom and not to be under the same roof as our parents, and he understood that, but then said "Well, then with any luck, I can just buy whatever house is right next door to the house you're going to be living in, and we can be neighbours so that whenever you need help with something, I can come help you with it... then I can look after you like you look after me!"

Seriously. Sweet. Boy.

Made me feel like I must be doing something right in raising him so far!

Jules :Ohappymom)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ok, I'll jump back on board again... Hello Yoga.

Reconnecting with Yoga is going to be a good thing, I think. Last night I did a 30 minute routine, and then spun my bike downstairs for a little while. I used to do yoga about 3 or 4 times a week. I even tried Hot Yoga for a while.

Hot Yoga is ridiculous in my opinion, and I don't mean to offend anyone out there who loves it, because I know lots of people certainly do. But in my opinion, all it does is put you in these incredibly slippery positions where you really count on body parts sticking together, or at least to the mat, but are deprived of that false sense of security. Instead, hot yoga makes you feel like you just got out of the shower and are standing, dripping wet, on a greased up slip n-slide. And you're expected to stay quiet, composed, meditative while trying to pull off all these positions that you could barely be expected to do on solid ground, all the while, it's sooo humid that you can barely breathe and you literally feel like you're going to pass out. Then, when you just decide that you've had enough torture and try to leave the yoga room, they point to you, call you out and INSIST that you stay and just lay on your mat and breathe in a resting position until you feel better. By that point, you're nauseous, totally dehydrated, you've sweated out of every pore in your body (even places that you didn't know had pores), there's a large actual puddle on your mat, and you're convinced that you must stink, but your nostrils are also dripping with sweat and it's blocking any ill odor that you know must be seeping out of your body.  And then, just when you least expect it, you're told to go into downward dog position and the person directly in front of you lets out a little squeaker (because that's a great position for expelling gas) and you literally just about pass out because of the wet stench and the insane difficulty you have trying not to burst out laughing. Maintain composure at all times. The only assurance you give yourself is that everyone else is also being held prisoner in that same room enduring the same nonsense as you are having to go through for 90 minutes.  To me, hot yoga is like a test of survival. The only good feeling is that you actually came out of it alive. But for some reason... I went to 5 of those classes. I'm pretty sure it was 5. Maybe it was just 3 but it felt like 5.

Anyway, you sweat enough in a normal room doing yoga, if you're doing it right, employing every muscle in your body and breathing deeply. Oh, and that's another thing. Some of the positions you have to twist into really make it difficult to breathe.. some of them feel like you're taking your full lungs and compacting them into something akin to the size of an orange. And you're expected to control your breathing and take long deep breaths. To me, that's nearly impossible. I just stand there huffing and sputtering until the position is released, then I can breathe again, most of the time... well, in those really bendy positions.

It's just Heavenly.

I didn't know how I felt about yoga for a while because of the accusations that were floating around about the western world appropriating eastern culture and adapting it to please us. That sortof sucked and turned me off for a while, but you know... I did it last night and it felt good again. I don't know any of the real position names, I barely can do anything requiring balance, but I learned that it all comes back to you fairly quickly. Not the names... those, I'm hopeless at, but the balance and success of position comes back.  

So, I'm really looking forward to re-connecting with yoga.

Have you done yoga?

Jules :Ostretttccchhh)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Declaring my love on the radio!

Well, today I did something that I can definitely count as one of my life's highlights... I got to proclaim my love and tell my love story about how Thor and I met on this very blog over 5 years ago! You seriously could not wipe the smile off my face today. And the whole day was so great too!

Hopefully this podcast will embed, but if it doesn't you should be able to click the link below.

If all else fails, go to CBC's Cross Country Check-up and listen to the podcast on there, it's the one titled: "Does online dating make it easier to find someone compatible?"

Here's the podcast link, I come on about 14 and a half minutes in, after the initial interview is finished with Mirena. Go ahead! Have a listen. It's worth it!

Thanks Cross Country Checkup! That was SO MUCH FUN!

Jules :Oawesomesauce)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Love Cloud...

As part of my "Hearts In Nature" series, check out how the treeline and clouds formed a heart while I was headed through Kootenay National Park to see Thor earlier this month. So beautiful! It was a really trying drive (Banff National Park was having severe winter weather that I had to drive through), so I was thankful for this moment. And it was nice that there was little traffic, so I could just stop the car and take the pic. Those are mountains in the bottom of the heart, it was so gloomy you could barely see them, as enormous as they are, but when I see stuff like this on the road to see my man, it really strikes me and makes me believe there's a higher power at work here... the universe telling me I'm always heading in the right direction. :) 

Jules :Olove)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Telling our story.. exciting!

I'm excited to say that I'll be on CBC's Cross Country Check-Up this Sunday as a guest speaker (Valentine's Day) to talk about how Thor and I met, evolved and the role my blog played in it all. The topic for the program that day is "Dating in the 21st Century," how online dating plays a role in meeting people, or are there other ways of meeting people (something of that effect). I've always said and known that the blogging community is a special place, more meaningful that any other social media out there, and that is an opinion that I'll never stop having. I strongly believe that the relationships made in blogland are much more solid and meaningful than those anywhere else online. A blog is a space for you to express your inner thoughts, however silly or serious they might be, and that is like opening a book to your inner self for anyone to read, so in doing that, you get to know the person you are "reading" so well. Since I started blogging in 2006, I have met and made plenty of friendships, and a good many of them are still friends today, lots of them have transferred out of blogging and have become friends in Facebook, where we keep in touch. But there's only one Thor.. one perfect match for me, and I was lucky enough that he stumbled upon my blog and found me when he did.  Some things are just meant to be. 

Happy Valentine's Day, Thor. I'm so thankful you found me. 

Jules :O* 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stop that... just stop it.

Ok, I just have to say that a large portion of men do not know how to dress in jeans. Here are some guidelines to help you poor souls out.

1) When you try on a pair of jeans, if they fit well, they will highlight both your front package as well as your behind. Look in the mirror, front AND back (for God's sake, look at the rear view) and make sure there's a little somethin-somethin for the lady in your life to look at. You have asses, and we appreciate looking at them.

2) If you are sporting a jean that is too baggy thereby creating "elephant butt" you are wearing the wrong jeans. Ok, I recognize that all jeans bag out, sometimes within 30 minutes of putting them on, but having to look at a man's saggy bum jeans is really a turn off. Really, men. Find jeans that show off your bum. Your woman/partner thinks your bum is cute.

3) Jeans should be comfortably sitting somewhere close to your belly button, typically men are sposed to wear them just below it. Too high and you might as well be naked because we can see your moose knuckles all too prominently (it's nice to leave something to the imagination). Too low and we can see your butt crack, or you lose bum definition entirely, and that's not exactly ideal. For men who insist on wearing their pants half way down their legs or underneath their bum with a belt cinching them on, just stop being ridiculous. Stop that.

4) Finding the right pair of jeans can take a while. It's not like buying a screwdriver at the hardware store. Try on different styles, different name brands, different fits, different colors. You don't need to spend a fortune to find nice fitting jeans. Look for sales and just surrender to the fact that you might have to try on something different to find something pleasing.

Just please, please stop doing this:

 I got these images from Redefining the Face of Beauty.com. Full credit given. 

I don't know why it happens. It's a bummer, and in just this morning's drive to work, I saw 7 out of 8 men wearing elephant butt jeans. Ugh.

I'm guessing this isn't just a one sided ditty. Women, pay attention to this as well. Remember that jeans bag out! You still need to show off those voluptuous curves. Men don't want to see your jeans sagging either. You don't have to go skin tight, but employ the same rules when trying on jeans... look in the front and the back, make sure they actually look good before walking out of the store with them. Seemingly impossible tasks ARE achievable.

Ok. I've said my piece.

Jules :Oseriously)