Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blink Blink, Click Clack...

So I'm driving down the road, I've JUST gotten through the intersection, there are cars behind me, I'm FAR from the actual turn I need to make, and my brain tells my hand to engage the right signal light. "WTF? It's too soon for that, brain!" I think to myself.

So I have two options:
1) Turn off the signal light so I don't look like an idiot who signals WAY too early, or
2) Just leave it going and make it look like I meant to do that, knowing it's probably still going to make me look like an idiot.

Blink-Blink. Blink-Blink... my brain decides to leave it on. And then it takes what seems like an absolute eternity to reach the right hand turn up ahead.. all the while I'm convinced that I appear to be either a brand new driver, someone who's lost their wits about them, or just an idiot.  I'm not worried that they'll run into me, at least... I've been giving them plenty of time to understand that I'm turning. I'm a dumbass. I should have instantly clicked it off. Now I have to live with the fact that a complete stranger might think I'm a moron. Because that matters, right?

There's that scenario, which is a true story from earlier today, and then there's the one where the signal light gets left on even after the turn. This one, I can't understand. How can people leave it on by mistake? It clicks... CLICK-CLACK. CLICK-CLACK. I can hear that sound over top of my radio, and I can see the indicator light as it happens.. so to me, there's something really annoying about left on signal lights while I'm driving, and I'd imagine that it's the same with everyone else. But yet, I see it happen all the time. It makes me want to hold up a sign that says "You already turned/changed lanes, are you planning to turn now, again, into the ditch?" It makes me want to shout "Don't leave your signal on.. the blinking light is distracting!" Hey... do you think I could use that as an excuse if I ever got pulled over? "Ohhhh, sorry Officer... I was distracted and going into seizure because of the incessant flashing signal light on the car in front of me..." He doesn't need to know I'm not cursed with epilepsy, right?

I guess that's a pet peeve of mine. But then... I fell into the signal trap today too and just left it on.

Jules :Oj

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