Friday, February 19, 2016

Doing this parenting thing right...

Last night Thanan and I got talking about later on when he's older and how typically kids move away from home. I told him that maybe I'd move away and he could just rent my house from me, with a room mate or something. At first, he thought that was a great idea, because he'd have "more time to say goodbye to this house." But then he got a sad-ish look on his face and he told me that he'd just want to move to wherever I move to, because he'd always want to be with me. Then I told him that as we turn into adults, we tend to want our freedom and not to be under the same roof as our parents, and he understood that, but then said "Well, then with any luck, I can just buy whatever house is right next door to the house you're going to be living in, and we can be neighbours so that whenever you need help with something, I can come help you with it... then I can look after you like you look after me!"

Seriously. Sweet. Boy.

Made me feel like I must be doing something right in raising him so far!

Jules :Ohappymom)

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