Monday, March 07, 2016

Romaine and Celery walked into a bar.....

I saw somewhere that you could re-grow a head of romaine lettuce just by simply putting the base of it, once you cut all the tops off, in a glass of water. So I did that, and put it on the window ledge on Friday night. To my amazement, here's what it looks like just 3 days later! Gardening literally could not be simpler. I think I'll buy 3 more heads of romaine, use the tops gradually and then re-grow them as well. I'll have a never ending supply of lettuce. THIS is the growing experiment kids should do at school instead of a bean plant or sunflower... It's almost instant! You don't even need soil.

If I am thinking clearly, I'm pretty sure I saw that you can do this with celery as well. Speaking of celery... check out this ad from the 60's (photo credit to, via pinterest)...

It says: "Fiber Rich, Packed with Vitamins, Ribbed for Xtra Pleasure!" 

Yes. Celery is ribbed for extra pleasure... when you go to shove it in places where you're not supposed to, it will feel extra good.

So that one got Thor and I on a google search for preposterous ads from the 60's. OMG! There are sooooo many outrageous ads! We laughed for about 30 mins straight, and we could have just gone on and on, I'm sure. What were the ad agencies of the 60's thinking?! SO funny, but sooo wrong in sooo many ways! 

Maybe the ad thing should have been a separate post.. because truly, it's funny enough to go on with forever. Everything from being happy because they ate lard, to ordering a blow up doll for 75cents. Seriously, if you're bored, just google "ridiculous ads from the 60's". You can thank me for the laugh after. 

Jules :Ohahahaha!