Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bird calls of the mighty car...

When my brakes wore out last time, they made an unreal screeching sound that you could literally hear from one side of a mountain to another. I remember clearly, very sloooowly driving up the Going To The Sun Road in Montana with Thanan in the back seat and due to a massive back log and construction, I had to constantly apply my brakes. Omg, the headache I got from the continuous squealing. Terrible. And embarrassing.  But easy to diagnose. When your brakes sound like a thousand bald eagles are descending upon your vehicle, that's a brake job in the waiting. All 4 brakes replaced and about $450, I was on my way again, with great stealth once more.

Two weeks ago, I went to put my summer tires on my car and in tightening one of the lug nuts, it completely sheered off one of the studs. I didn't know how to fix that, and was in a slight panic because right now more than ever, I need my car. So I took it to the only place in town that had a stud, Canadian Tire, and they fixed it and I was on the road again, $150 later.

Within the past week, I've noticed another bird call sound coming from my car, it started just being on occasion, but now it's almost every time I brake. This time, I'm thinking it's the gentle yet high pitched chirp-whooping sound of the disc brakes on the back, coincidentally coming from the same location as the tire that I had the trouble with. So tomorrow I'll take it in. Maybe it's just a rock. Maybe it's the callipers slightly sticking as a result of them fixing the stud. Maybe it's the fact that I need another set of brakes. Tomorrow we will see. For the first year in a long time, I'll be getting back an income tax return. Good thing too, because I'm pretty sure I know where it will be going.

The whole ting's ironic, because last month, I paid off my car, finally. Since then, I've had a few things already go wrong with it. It's like it knows that I finally have that extra payment money, so it's going to make sure to use that all up for me. Joy.

Jules :Ough/

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