Sunday, May 22, 2016

For all he was... and forever will be.

He was power and courage, strength and dignity. He was a highly intelligent engineer. He was open minded and accepting of others. He had a great sense of humor and was always the right amount of serious and play. He loved to tell jokes, he loved to visit, he loved knowing his roots, and he did his best to keep us all grounded. He read everything and anything and did his best to instil that into others. He could speak 3 languages. He had the kindest eyes and a very big heart. He had THE best memory of events, places and people. He was a great teacher of values and morals. He knew the value of people and family. He loved to celebrate and make the most of life. Even when life got to be the hardest, he still wore a smile. Even up to his last few minutes on earth, he STILL laughed and smiled. And then yesterday he said that when he got to see the review of his life played before him in his dream, he was content with what he saw. And he wasn't scared... and he was looking forward to going where there was no pain.

He was my Dad. And now his 66 year old body has lost its life, but his soul will live on and on. He said he was very satisfied with the life he lived here, and proud of all of his accomplishments. I can't imagine he had any regrets.

He leaves us behind, but I know that one day we will get to hang out with each other again, somewhere on the spirit plane where souls go to rejuvenate before selecting their next adventure.

I'll catch up with you there, Dad. Watch for me.
I love you.
May 22, 2016
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

That's very shapely!

You know how you can look up at the sky and as the clouds change form they sometimes seem to take on the shape of an object that's familiar to you?  A dragon, a turtle, a panda bear, a shoe...

Or how sometimes if you stare at a piece of linoleum for long enough, eventually your mind lets you see outlines of objects in it too?

Or maybe the condensation mark left behind when you've picked up a frosty mug melds into the shape of something like a heart or the letter a...

Or how if you stand back a ways and look at rocks or the shape of a pond, you realize it's shaped like a heart?

Well this morning, my uhmm, waste deposit into the toilet was shaped exactly like a miniature penis with balls. You know, like the cake pan or little ice cubes at a bachelorette party would be shaped. Just like this item from Etsy (except not rainbow colored, though that would have been very fascinating). It really made me laugh. And before you ask "who stands up and looks at their poo?" I'll answer with "Who doesn't, considering knowing your waste is quite important to your well being."

It's fun finding shapes where you don't really expect to. Especially ones that are shaped like male body parts. Fun.

Jules :Ogiggle)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

years ahead.

Sometimes I feel like I'm months or years ahead of some people. At my part time job, that I basically just go do for fun and extra money, I wrote a newsletter about the use of movement in learning and how teachers could adapt their lessons and classrooms to incorporate kinesthetic learning. It was a great newsletter. I did it about a year ago, at least.

Yesterday, my boss at my part time job presented me with this new direction she's going to take the store... and guess what it is? To be the Western Canadian distributor for kinesthetic learning classroom equipment! When she told me that, I was like "YES! I did a newsletter about that a long time ago!"

It's a thrilling thing to get into, and something that I believe the science behind. I'm stoked, really. It's already happening in the States, and now she's going to be the supplier for all of Western Canada... that's a pretty big and cutting edge sort of thing.

So, if you want to order kinesthetic equipment for your classroom, call us up at Kids In Harmony Store, in Red Deer. 403-309-0588. We'll get you hooked up.

Jules :OD

Monday, May 16, 2016

My "one"...

I know I found my "one". 

He's loving, respectful, handsome, kind, loyal, strong, hilarious, gentle, protective, knowledgeable, generous, fair, interesting, dynamic, thoughtful, supportive, quirky, moral... 

I live for time with him, really, because when I'm with him, every part of me is content. Every cell feels at home and comfortable. I don't worry. I don't have anxiety. I am able to let go of all the things that stress me out and just be in the moments as they arrive with him. I feel when I'm with him. Being with him is so easy and rewarding.

Much of life without his presence in it is dull, stressful, fierce and harsh. There's so much negativity in the spaces that surround me daily, and it's hard to not let it get to me. 

But with him... oh.... life is so very, very good. 

So then why don't I get to be with him always? Why is it that still, after nearly 6 years into this relationship, we are the couple that's not together full time yet? In my past life, I think I must never have had to wait for anything, so now in this one, this is the lesson I have to learn. I must learn patience and perseverance. But... how long do I have to do this test for? I'm pretty sure I've rocked it so far, and learned what I need to know. 

I found my "one"... and all I want to do is be with him. When is it my turn to have my voice heard and to have my heart happy? Feels like never. 

I found my "one" and I'm ready for our life... together

Jules :Omelancholy.