Thursday, May 19, 2016

That's very shapely!

You know how you can look up at the sky and as the clouds change form they sometimes seem to take on the shape of an object that's familiar to you?  A dragon, a turtle, a panda bear, a shoe...

Or how sometimes if you stare at a piece of linoleum for long enough, eventually your mind lets you see outlines of objects in it too?

Or maybe the condensation mark left behind when you've picked up a frosty mug melds into the shape of something like a heart or the letter a...

Or how if you stand back a ways and look at rocks or the shape of a pond, you realize it's shaped like a heart?

Well this morning, my uhmm, waste deposit into the toilet was shaped exactly like a miniature penis with balls. You know, like the cake pan or little ice cubes at a bachelorette party would be shaped. Just like this item from Etsy (except not rainbow colored, though that would have been very fascinating). It really made me laugh. And before you ask "who stands up and looks at their poo?" I'll answer with "Who doesn't, considering knowing your waste is quite important to your well being."

It's fun finding shapes where you don't really expect to. Especially ones that are shaped like male body parts. Fun.

Jules :Ogiggle)

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