Thursday, July 14, 2016

signs from the soul...

I was denied, by my stepmom and stepbrother, the ability to get my father's fingerprint made into a pendant when we went to the funeral home to pick out his casket and do paperwork. It devastated me and I'm having a very hard time letting go of the negative emotions I feel now because of that. I guess my dad didn't see the value in me doing that, but I sure did. Instead, I went out and got a pendant made with his initials on the front and his dates of birth and death on the back and I wear it every day with the heart pendant Thor gave me. Both of the important men in my life next to my heart every day. That's what I wanted and I suppose that's what I got, just not exactly as I needed it to be. 
I was just in Montana for a week, and Thor and I were creating an outdoor rock patio, working hard. We were just talking and Thor said to me, "My dad's middle name was Power..." and it hit me. Our dad's had exactly the same initials. 

You know, there are signs that we're supposed to recognize in this life that are ingrained into our souls before we are reincarnated, signs that you are with your soulmate. That is one of the signs, I just knew it instantly. So maybe at the end of it all, I was supposed to go out and get my own pendant made, so I'd have the opportunity to recognize that sign. 

Looking at it that way, the act of denial at the beginning isn't such a hard pill to swallow.

Jules :Oj

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