Friday, March 17, 2017

Fidgi Spinz - The BEST fidget spinners on the market!

So, in December, my friend and I decided to dive into Co-Founding a new product line together. After seemingly endless trials, we finallysettled on the best designs and the best materials to use and came up with: Fidgi Spinz - the Remarkable Fidget Spinner Line.

They have been selling like hot cakes and not a single one has had a negative review. They are now being sold in stores in Red Deer (Alberta), Medicine Hat (Alberta) and Saskatoon (Saskatchewan)! But what feels the best about it is that each and every one of them that has been sold is helping the person who now owns it to function better in their daily life. Fidgi Spinz helps with anyone with any type of attention/focus issues, anxiety issues, boredom issues, or simply those who just need to fidget or keep their hands busy! They are THE perfect fidget device for those 7 years to Senior. They are made for people with the ability to use their fingers, but can be adapted for the special needs population as well. There isn't anyone that these fidget devices aren't applicable to. Even people who didn't realize they are fidgeters enjoy spinning them once they have them in their hands.

We've gotten some really great reviews. Here's the most recent one:

Here is the link to our Etsy Shop, we can ship anywhere in the world. 
You can find us on Twitter @FidgiSpinz, and also at /FidgiSpinz on Facebook and Instagram. We also have our own YouTube channel where you can see how to use them. 

Here's our display:

Benefits of our Fidgi Spinz product line over other spinners on the market:

1) The price point for our metal spinners is phenomenal and you can't beat it. Factor in the cost of shipping and exchange rate when you go to order yours online, and then just think about that.)
2) Because our spinners are metal and have a 7 part cap system, they are very high quality.
3) Unlike 3D printed spinners which are made of plastics, ours won't break if it's dropped on the ground. (We know not all plastic ones will break, we're just saying we know for a fact that some do and ours don't).
4) These are made by two women... in Alberta... all parts are sourced locally and I literally assemble them myself. So if you are all for women equality, this is your product. If you are all for supporting local or Canadian made, this is also your product.
5) We also sell "bling bags" so you can dress up your Fidgi Spinz product, personalize it, make it catch the light, etc.
6) Our unilateral configurations are original and are specially designed to require user input, which is why they are so perfect for getting rid of excess energy. We only have one spinner that will spin without this "movement factor". This sets our devices apart from every other kind on the market. These are TRUE FIDGET DEVICES that will allow you to release excess energy and get rid of the need for other annoying habits such as knee bouncing, toe tapping, relentless verbalizations, pen clicking, table drumming, etc.

We are looking at developing another spinner this coming week.

So that's what I've been up to lately. Co-owning a product line takes a lot of time, energy, perseverance... but hey, perseverance is one of my favorite words!

Jules :Obravo!


SIMON said...

Absolutely brilliant! I wish you every success!!

Jules said...

Thanks Simon