Saturday, March 18, 2017

the downfalls of social media

Social media has poisoned my desire to blog. Well, my desire to even go online anymore unless it's to watch mindless videos of people's pets doing silly things. I have to attend to my own social media, my son's school accounts for google classroom-email-google, the website-blog-FB-TW accounts for, the FB-TW-G+ and Email accounts for Kids In Harmony Store, the FB-TW-INSTA-YouTube-PIN-Etsy-Email accounts for Fidgi Spinz. 

Basically, I've become a social media manager for a plethora of people, plus myself. It's not that I get paid a social media manager salary, either. It's just become part of daily life and an expectation of my work. I should look up social media manager and see what they get paid. Or maybe not, it would probly upset me. The crap thing is that all of my experience managing all of this schizz means nothing if I wanted to go be a *professional* at it, because I don't have a degree in social media management. LMFAO. What the eff even is that. Do you REALLY need a diploma or degree to manage social media. *laughable* But in today's society, if you're not all about social media for marketing, you have nothing.. you are nobody. You can't expect to achieve in business if you don't have a strong online presence. 

So blogging has really taken a back seat, but I do think about it and I do miss it. It's just that HAVING to be on the computer all of the time for all of those other things has really left a bad taste in my mouth for spending my *spare* time online as well. It used to be such a pleasure to be in here, back in the day when blogging was the first form of social media. The pre-facebook world was better, in my opinion. It was more personalized and authentic when it was all blogging. Now, social media seems more like a place to put up a front, set forward a false image of this ideal world that doesn't depict the whole picture. And sometimes you learn stuff about your so called "friends" who are no more than acquaintances from the past, that you'd rather not have known. 

Well, I'll try and be more present in here. My little blog, where I can still say whatever the heck I want, use whatever language appeals to me at the time, where I don't need to censor myself and no topic is off limits. I'm not resolving to be in here more, I'll just try. I'll try to revive the passion I had for it once, because it used to be a highly important part of who I was. 

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