Monday, August 28, 2017

sometimes i just want to say eff parenting...

So you're fine all day and all evening. Then, conveniently, something happens to be wrong with your wrist when I ask you to fold your laundry, but your wrist was perfectly fine all day, and all evening.. so, guess what? I'm not going to effing believe that something is wrong with your wrist! All of a sudden it hurts and is in too much pain ONLY when you suddenly are tasked with laundry? Give me a break kiddo. Seriously. I'm smarter than that. And if by some chance, it is hurting, if I've had a look at it and it's not bleeding or broken, I don't really give a flick. Learn to deal with minor aches and pains. Something randomly (truthfully) hurts on my body every, single, damned day and I still have to do everything. Everything. Every. Thing. Around. Here. Doesn't matter if my finger has felt like it's fractured for a bloody month. Doesn't matter if my wrist is on fire from pulling weeds for 2.5 hours in the yard (without your help). Nope. Nobody around here cares. And if I tell you "not one more word" and you STILL keep on going on about your sudden wrist pain while looking at your pile of clothes to fold, I'll tell you what.. I might just have to walk out of the room so I don't snap. It's called a mom time out. If I need to take a mom time out, let me go and take it. It's in your best interest. But if what you do is get red-faced-vibrating-deepbreathing-fisted angry and give me the look of death, I will win that shit. And then if you retaliate by saying you just want to go live with your dad, because you can't take a little bit of discipline for looking like you were going to knock me out, I will sit your ass down and tell you that I have sacrificed my whole life and put MY own goals and wishes all on HOLD so that I could dedicate my life to raising you in a place where you can see your dad all the damned time, and I can't see my boyfriend ever. So don't go there with me. Learn this. Kids today have no respect. Where did I go wrong?

Angry mom

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